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Writing Sprint Light

20-DAY Writing Sprint

Take notes, write a draft version, and send it in for review.

Get Feedback
Learn about inconsistencies in your grammar and writing style.

Apply Best Practices
Sidestep red flags and craft a more polished text.

Sprint Routine

Write one text (max. 150 words) a day, Monday through Friday. Send it to your coach.

Get Feedback
Get written feedback reports from your coach to help you improve relevant grammar and style issues. 

Apply Best Practices
Apply the coach tips in your next writing assignment to achieve text clarity and conciseness. 


Writing Sprint
R$ 3,269
  • Drafts ........................ Twenty
  • Reports .................... Twenty
  • Practice .................. 600 min


In one word, NO.

However, I will prioritize our goals and work on your grammar, writing, and style problems from top to bottom. We will have a total of twenty opportunities to address them. This method will help you write more accurately and consistently in the future.

If you are interested in further improving your writing skills after the 20-Day Writing Sprint, you can sign up for the REdrafts training.

The key differences are in training intensity and coach support.

DifferencesREdraftsWriting Sprint
Intensity2 texts a week5 texts a week
Coach supportEmail
Weekly video session (25 min)

Yes, currently I offer the following off-the-shelf choices.

Writing SprintPrice *
10-DAYR$ 1.634,00
20-DAYR$ 3.269,00
30-DAYR$ 4.903,00
45-DAYR$ 7.355,00

In case none of the above suit your needs, feel free to write to me and request a custom-made sprint.

* Prices valid until December 31, 2023.

If you have any questions, write to me. After all, this is a training for writers. You’ll get a prompt and clear answer.

Yes. Just click on the “Enroll Now” button and you’ll receive detailed instructions.

Obviously not. I am open to rescheduling exceptions. Keep in mind, however, that interruptions in training will result in inconsistent results.


  • Practice time based on twenty 30-minute writing assignments.
  • Minimum level requirement: (7) Upper Intermediate –
  • Price valid until December 2023.