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Linking Words

Linking words include conjunctions and transition words. They connect parts of speech or even whole sentences.
Linking words

Conjunctions join two or more words, phrases, or clauses and exist in two types: coordinating and subordinating.

  • Coordinating conjunctions
    Join elements that are the same.

    Ex.: cookies and milk; into the house and out the doors; he came and she left.
    They are easy to remember because they are only seven: F A N B O Y S
    (For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So).

    … more on using coordinating conjunctions

  • Subordinating conjunctions
    Join dependent to independent clauses

    Ex.: I will eat broccoli after I eat this cookie.
    Many subordinating conjunctions exist, so I included many of them in the searchable table below.

Note: keep mind that that words can function as multiple parts of speech. That means the words listed here as subordinating conjunctions can have other functions depending on where they appear in your sentence.

Transition words show the relationship between paragraphs or sections of a text or speech. Transitions provide greater cohesion by making the ideas more explicit or signaling how they relate to one another. Transitions are “bridges” that “carry a reader from section to section.

Coordinating ConjunctionF A N B O Y SFor
Coordinating ConjunctionF A N B O Y SAnd
Coordinating ConjunctionF A N B O Y SNot
Coordinating ConjunctionF A N B O Y SBut
Coordinating ConjunctionF A N B O Y SOr
Coordinating ConjunctionF A N B O Y SYet
Coordinating ConjunctionF A N B O Y SSo
Correlative ConjunctionConditionas ... as
Correlative ConjunctionConditionjust as ... so
Correlative ConjunctionConditionboth ... and
Correlative ConjunctionConditionhardly ... when
Correlative ConjunctionConditionscarcely ... when
Correlative ConjunctionMannereither ... or
Correlative ConjunctionMannerneither ... nor
Correlative ConjunctionMannerif ... then
Correlative ConjunctionMannernot ... but
Correlative ConjunctionReasonwhat with ... and
Correlative ConjunctionReasonnot only ... but also
Correlative ConjunctionReasonno sooner ... than
Correlative ConjunctionReasonrather ... than
Subordinating ConjunctionComparisonthan
Subordinating ConjunctionComparisonrather than
Subordinating ConjunctionComparisonwhether
Subordinating ConjunctionComparisonas much as
Subordinating ConjunctionComparisonwhereas
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Pronounthat
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Pronounwhat
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Pronounwhatever
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Pronounwhich
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Pronounwhichever
Subordinating ConjunctionTimeafter
Subordinating ConjunctionTimeas long as
Subordinating ConjunctionTimeas soon as
Subordinating ConjunctionTimebefore
Subordinating ConjunctionTimeby the time
Subordinating ConjunctionTimenow that
Subordinating ConjunctionConcessionthough
Subordinating ConjunctionConcessionalthough
Subordinating ConjunctionConcessioneven though
Subordinating ConjunctionConcessionwhile
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Adjectvewho
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Adjectvewhoever
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Adjectvewhom
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Adjectvewhomever
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Adjectvewhose
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Adjectvewhere
Subordinating ConjunctionRelative Adjectvewherever
Subordinating ConjunctionTimeonce
Subordinating ConjunctionTimesince
Subordinating ConjunctionTimetill
Subordinating ConjunctionTimeuntil
Subordinating ConjunctionTimewhen
Subordinating ConjunctionTimewhenever
Subordinating ConjunctionPlacewhere
Subordinating ConjunctionPlacewherever
Subordinating ConjunctionTimewhile
Subordinating ConjunctionConditionif
Subordinating ConjunctionConditiononly if
Subordinating ConjunctionConditionunless
Subordinating ConjunctionConditionuntil
Subordinating ConjunctionConditionprovided that
Subordinating ConjunctionConditionassuming that
Subordinating ConjunctionConditioneven if
Subordinating ConjunctionConditionin case (that)
Subordinating ConjunctionConditionlest
Subordinating ConjunctionMannerhow
Subordinating ConjunctionManneras though
Subordinating ConjunctionManneras if
Subordinating ConjunctionReasonbecause
Subordinating ConjunctionReasonsince
Subordinating ConjunctionReasonso that
Subordinating ConjunctionReasonin order (that)
Subordinating ConjunctionReasonwhy
Subordinating ConjunctionReasonwhether ... or
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityadditionally
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityagain
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityalso
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityand
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityas
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityas a matter of fact
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityas well as
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityby the same token
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritycomparatively
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritycorrespondingly
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritycoupled with
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityequally
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityequally important
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityfirst, second, third
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityfurthermore
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityidentically
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityin addition
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityin like manner
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityin the first place
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityin the light of
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityin the same fashion / way
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritylike
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritylikewise
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritymoreover
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritynot only ... but also
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritynot to mention
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityof course
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritysimilarly
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritythen
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityto
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityto say nothing of
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritytogether with
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similaritytoo
Transition wordAgreement/ Addition/ Similarityuniquely
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisin other words
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisnotably
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisin fact
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto put it differently
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisincluding
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisin general
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisfor one thing
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasislike
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisin particular
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisas an illustration
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto be sure
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisin detail
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisin this case
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisnamely
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto demonstrate
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisfor this reason
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasischiefly
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto emphasize
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto put it another way
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasistruly
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto repeat
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisthat is to say
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisindeed
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto clarify
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasiswith attention to
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasiscertainly
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto explain
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisby all means
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasissurely
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto enumerate
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisimportant to realize
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasismarkedly
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasissuch as
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisanother key point
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisespecially
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisfor example
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisfirst thing to remember
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisspecifically
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisfor instance
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasismost compelling evidence
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisexpressively
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisto point out
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasismust be remembered
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasissurprisingly
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasiswith this in mind
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasispoint often
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisoverlooked
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisfrequently
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasison the negative side
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasissignificantly
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasison the positives
Transition wordExamples/ Support/ Emphasisideally
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequenceas a result
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencefor
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequenceconsequently
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequenceunder those circumstances
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencethus
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencetherefore
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencein that case
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencebecause the
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencethereupon
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencefor this reason
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencethen
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequenceforthwith
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencehenceforth
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequencehence
Transition wordEffect/ Result/ Consequenceaccordingly
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradiction(and) still
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradiction(and) yet
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionabove all
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionafter all
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionalbeit
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionalthough
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionalthough this may be true
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionas much as
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionat the same time
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionbe that as it may
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionbesides
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionbut
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionbut
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionconversely
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictiondespite
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictiondifferent from
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictioneven so / though
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictioneven though
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionhowever
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionin contrast
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionin reality
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionin spite of
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictioninstead
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionnevertheless
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionnonetheless
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionnotwithstanding
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionof course ...,
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionon the contrary
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionon the other hand
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionor
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionotherwise
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionrather
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionregardless
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionthen again
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionunlike
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionwhereas
Transition wordOpposition/ Limitation/ Contradictionwhile
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeas
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeas / so long as
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposebecause of
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposedue to
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposefor fear that
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposefor the purpose of
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposegiven that
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposegranted (that) ...
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeif
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposein case
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposein order to
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposein the event that
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposein the hope that
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposein view of
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeinasmuch as
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposelest
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeon (the) condition (that)
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeonly / even if
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeowing to
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeprovided that
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeseeing / being that
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposesince
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposesince
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeso as to
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeso that
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposethen
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeto the end that
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposeunless
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposewhen
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposewhenever
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposewhile
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposewhile
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposewith this in mind
Transition wordCause/ Condition/ Purposewith this intention
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeabove
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeacross
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeadjacent to
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placealongside
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeamid
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeamong
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placearound
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placebefore
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placebehind
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placebelow
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placebeneath
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placebeside
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placebetween
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placebeyond
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placedown
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placefrom
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placefurther
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placehere
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placehere and there
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placein front of
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placein the background
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placein the center of
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placein the distance
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placein the foreground
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placein the middle
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placenear
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placenearby
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placenext
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeon this side
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeopposite to
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeover
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placethere
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeto the left/right
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeunder
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placeup
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placewhere
Transition wordSpace/ Location/ Placewherever
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceabout
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceafter
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceall of a sudden
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceas long as
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceas soon as
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceat the present time
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceat the same time
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceat this instant
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencebefore
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceby the time
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceduring
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceeventually
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencefinally
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencefirst, second
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceformerly
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceforthwith
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencefrom time to time
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencefurther
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencehence
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencehenceforth
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceimmediately
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencein a moment
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencein due time
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencein the first place
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencein the meantime
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencein time
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceinstantly
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencelast
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencelater
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencemeanwhile
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencenext
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencenow
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencenow that
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceoccasionally
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceonce
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencepresently
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceprior to
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencequickly
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceshortly
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencesince
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencesooner or later
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencestraightaway
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencesuddenly
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencethen
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencetill
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceto begin with
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceuntil
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceuntil now
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequenceup to the present time
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencewhen
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencewhenever
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencewhenever
Transition wordTime/ Chronology/ Sequencewithout delay
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementafter all
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementall in all
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementall things considered
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementaltogether
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementas can be seen
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementas has been noted
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementas shown above
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementby and large
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementfor the most part
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementgenerally speaking
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementgiven these points
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin a word
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin any event
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin brief
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin conclusion
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin either case
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin essence
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin fact
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin short
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin summary
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin the final analysis
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementin the long run
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementon balance
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementon the whole
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementordinarily
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementoverall
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementto sum up
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementto summarize
Transition wordConclusion/ Summary/ Restatementusually