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REdrafts in three simple steps

Jot down your ideas and write your first draft.

Recognize writing inconsistencies in grammar and style.

Adjust your style to craft an accurate and concise text.

Course Format

  • Task
    Guided writing practice. After receiving the topic by email, you’ll write your text (maximum 150 words) and email it to your coach.
  • Redraft
    Professional Review. Your coach, a writing expert, will apply effective writing principles to your text.
  • Follow-up
    Weekly coaching session (remote). Discuss specific points and evaluate your performance.


Coaching Sessions
R$ 1,808
00 /mo
  • Redrafts ....................... 8
  • Coaching ....... 100 min
  • Writing ........... 240 min

  • monthly values

Monthly writing hours based on 30-minute home assignments.

Price valid until December 2023.