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Skills developed with Walk & Talk

Listening & Speaking
Improve your listening and speaking skills so you can feel at ease when talking to people you’ve never met.

Brush up on your pronunciation so that others can understand you clearly. Develop native-sounding intonation and rhythm.

Choose your words as if you were talking, not writing. Sound more like a person and less like a textbook.

Fine-tune your grammar for speaking. Sound smooth and natural, not robotic.

Talk Your Way To Fuency

Listening to podcasts offers great inspiration, but true fluency comes from active conversation.

Walk & Talk provides the perfect opportunity to brush up on pronunciation, expand vocabulary, and sharpen listening skills—all while you’re on the move.

What We Offer

🕒 Flexible sessions
      Choose from 25, 50, or 75-minute sessions
      to fit your schedule.

🎤 Ample speaking opportunities
      Engage in active discussions on current topics.

📈 Structured learning
       Follow our pre-designed format
       for comprehensive language practice.  


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